If you know me, then you know I have a sweet tooth. My wife says that my sweet tooth is to blame for everything that goes wrong in my life.  It should be noted that she is aggressively trying to change eating habits in the Fitzgerald household. Well her attempt to slow the caloric flow has hit a snag. I just recently stumbled across a nice little café in the Hampton Peninsula Town Center called, the Ethereal Cupcake and Coffee Shoppe. I strolled in there the other night after eating dinner with my wife at a Mexican restaurant down the street. From the time you walk through the door, it is easy to see from the décor of the store and the appearance of the staff that they take their cupcakery (yes, I made that word up) seriously. They also have the usual coffee and espresso offerings to accompany their cupcake selections.

But let me get to the cakes. I’ve been in this shop several times this week. The first time I bought a vanilla cupcake with vanilla beans mixed in the batter and frosting. I can’t remember the specifics of all the ingredients, but I can tell you that the flavor was rich and the cupcake was fresh. While I was there, I overheard one of the staff telling another customer about their breakfast cupcake. What?!?! I immediately began planning my morning schedule for the week so that I could make my way back to Ethereal cupcakes to get that breakfast bomb! So today I rolled in shortly after 9am to see the “Baking Bacon” cupcake in the display case. I rolled out with my cupcake and a coffee and headed to the office. While sitting in the parking lot in front of my building, I peeled back the parchment paper on the cupcake and started to plow through the tasty treat. I really didn’t give myself an opportunity to really savor the flavor because I was hungry and the cupcake was good… No, it was great. You can taste a hint of pancakes and syrup in the cake and frosting. And you can’t miss the bacon crumbles sprinkled on top. Bacon makes everything taste good. In this case, it makes the “Baking Bacon” cupcake taste awesome.  Treat yourself to a sweet treat and make your way to Ethereal Cupcakes. This is a nice little spot that I hope will have a prosperous future in Hampton, VA. I still have a few more cupcakes to sample. I’ll have to leave my wife at home when I get the urge for a cupcake.